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Adam bancroft

Passionate About Igniting Success

My passion is to bring awareness to growth minded individuals that they are a person of value and their dreams are worth pursuing. I founded Starfish Advising and in the process of creating the non-profit Bancroft Foundation as a way to add value to others dreams. 

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I work with individuals and teams to discover the qualities of leadership and personal development and implement those qualities to action. Empowering others for success provides me with enormous gratification.


Professionally, I have been an entrepreneur as well as 16 years in the payroll processing industry perfecting my skills in business and effective team building. Outside of professional development you will find me being creative in the kitchen or reading the next adventure book on my shelf.


At Starfish Advising, I have the unique privilege to indulge in all the above. We are the coaching, speaking, leadership development people behind the success of individuals dedicated to personal and professional development. We help you identify limiting beliefs and provide the tools and resources necessary to ignite success!


  • Adam Bancroft is a certified John Maxwell Speaker, Teacher and Coach who has had a passion for creating successful businesses over the last 20 years.

  • Adam is the founder and CEO of Starfish Advising

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